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AI is the next keyword that will be used to death by people who know little about it. AI consulting is the business of helping companies use AI technologies to improve their businesses.

We at DeepWrex believe that Deep Learning can save one from a Deep Wreck! We aim to use AI technologies to assist businesses, educational institutions and other organizations.

Deep Learning can save you from a deep wreck!

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Simple & Secure

We value your data and prioritize its security. We also ensure that our solutions are easy to use and simple to understand.


Our technology is designed so as to minimize the cost of installation and maintenance. We are here to offer you with robust solutions at minimum prices.

End-to-end Solutions

DeepWrex ensures that you are supplied with all Hardware and Software requirements, so that no other vendor is necessary to meet the needs.

Who we are

We are a small group of passionate young professionals striving to solve problems in deep learning and AI based in Bhubaneshwar.

We plan to make AI easier to use, with user-friendly and efficient technology. We enjoy working hard to build efficient solutions, so that it is equally easy for our clients to use.

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